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Yes there really is a world beyond Sauerkraut and Liebfraumilch in Germany, and this is the place to find some "foodie" facts as well as seasonal, or just alcoholic or non-alcoholic "liquid", recipes.

Advent, Christmas and Seasonal Holiday and Festive Recipe Links star
In Germany a great deal of October, November, December and even January are devoted to the baking and producing of much loved traditional food and drink recipes for the different holiday celebrations. Here are a few for you to try out.

Authentic German Gingerbread Recipe star
For anything from small ginger cookies, a Witches Cottage, Gingerbread Men, a Lantern which gives aroma as well as light, Christmas decorations or an Oktoberfest Heart, whatever you create with this "Lebkuchen", German Gingerbread, recipe it will always be delicious.

Black Elderberry Syrup Recipe star
Elderberry syrup is an "all rounder". Fun to forage, harvest and easily made in the fall it is a great 'mixer' for summer and winter drinks, delicious with savory and sweet dishes, and in Germany a popular natural remedy for all types of ailments.

Easter in Germany - Traditional Recipes star
The Thursday before Easter is 'Gruendonnerstag', Green Thursday, in Germany, with its custom that meals for the day should by tradition be 'green'. Green Bean Soup and Seven Herb Soup are two of the most popular with any left over herbs used for Eggs with Frankfurter Green Sauce on Easter Sunday

Federweisser, Zwiebelkuchen and Treberwurst star
Federweisser looks like grape soda but is young wine with a powerful KICK, and short end of summer season. Its traditional harvest time accompaniments are Zwiebelkuchen and Treberwurst, a rich onion pie and sausages marinated with grapes then fried, and enjoyed at any time of the year.

German Drinks, Elderflower Syrup Recipe star
Spring means it's time to make 'Elderflower Cordial', also known as Elderflower Syrup, from elder shrubs found in the wild almost everywhere in Germany. It's fragrant, refreshing, easy to make, and used for everything from a topping for ice cream to a 'cure' for arthritis.

German Potato Pancakes, Rosti/Reibekuchen Recipe star
"Rieberkuchen", a German favorite as a snack or a side, and this is an easy recipe that can also be used for Pumpkin Potato Fritters. Traditional Rieberkuchen adding leftover pumpkin. Or if you simply want a different potato recipe how about trying the Apple Potato Fritter recipe?

German Pumpkin Potato Pancake star
Pumpkin left over and no idea what to do with it, Pumpkin Potato Pancakes, traditional "Rieberkuchen" with pumpkin added, is a recipe which will use up extra pumpkin but also become a family favorite without it. Or if you simply want a different potato recipe how about Apple Potato Pancakes?

German Wine and Vineyards star
The conquering Romans introduced grapes to Germany, and the ancient hillside vineyard traditions, with annual harvest celebrations, continue. But the German wine industry has changed, it has returned to producing high quality sweet Liebfraumilch is on the way out.

Germany's Cheese Culture - Smile and Say... star
From the North Sea to Allg?u, Germany's "Foodie" favorite, Cheese, is produced countrywide everywhere from small mountainside farms to industrial dairies. Hundreds of regional specialties and national varieties range from mild and buttery to spicy, highly flavored and less than fragrant.

Germany´s Beer Culture, Fast Facts star
Germany has its own ´Day of German Beer´, Tag des Deutschen Bieres, and is by tradition considered a food in Bavaria, but unofficially just enjoyed elsewhere. Here are some FAST FACTS about the age old beverage Mark Twain once described as ´as different as hens in a farmyard´, Germany´s Beer.

International Green Week in Berlin star
The January "International Green Week" in Berlin is the biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture in the world. Held for over 80 years, it is a "one-of-kind" culinary tour of the globe that has not only kept in step with the times, but pointed to the future.

Maibowle, Woodruff Punch A German Spring Favorite star
Sweet Woodruff is the scent of early summer, and added to White Wine it becomes May Punch, Maibowle. A brief season but it's a favorite drink in Germany, and traditional addition to all the festivities and customs that belong to early spring and the first warm days and evenings of summer.

Ostalgie and Nostalgic East German Recipes star
In the days of communist East Germany meals were planned around what was available that day, the queues were long and legendary, and a banana was seen on television but not in a shop. Appetizing and healthy food was served nevertheless, and here are some favorite recipes from the time.

Punch & Co., German Summer Drink Recipes star
Summer in a glass. Cool beverages for hot days...from all types of Frucht Bowle and Radler, to Apfelschorle and Cola-Schoppen. "Erfrischend" (refreshing), that little bit different, and ideal for sunless and sun filled summer days. There is something to suit everyone.

Rumtopf, Germany´s Fruit and Rum Pot, Recipe star
The centuries old Rumtopf tradition, conserving soft seasonal fruit in sugar and rum during the summer and early autumn months, long ago led to the fruit and rum pot becoming an indispensible part of Christmastime celebrations, and a warming treat during Germany´s winter months.

Rumtopf, Traditional Fruit and Rum Pot Recipe star
Rumtopf, for centuries a delicious way of preserving summer fruit. Starting in early summer with strawberries, cherries and rum, fruit is added as it comes into season until early autumn. A taste of summer in winter... easy to make, hard to mess up and so good.

Southern German Potato Salad Recipes star
Potato salads in the country where they originated are just that little bit different, so summer or winter for those 'Kartoffel' side dishes look no further than these traditional recipes from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Neighboring states in Southern Germany, but two very different recipes.

White Asparagus Season in Germany - Spargelzeit star
It is like a brief, intense, "madness" that sweeps through Germany. Spargelzeit...springtime's White Asparagus season. The first, and delicious, symbol of spring, its season begins around mid-April and ends on June 24. Feast day of St. John the Baptist.

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